Improving your hand-eye coordination with an app


The Reflexes App is the only app that will challenge you both physically and mentally. Whilst at the same time improving your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Physical Challenge

Are you able to move around quickly enough to hit the target? Targets will appear randomly on the screen. You’ll never know if they’ll be close to your body or far away from you. You’ll have to be ready to move to reach the target. After a fast / 120 second activity you will feel it!

Mental Challenge

How long can you focus on the screen without missing a target? One of the challenges within Reflexes is completing an activity without missing a target. It require full concentration along with agility to be able to this.

Improving your Reflexes

The difference between winning and losing could be a split second. This is why training your reflexes in different situations and scenarios is critical. It will help you perform better to your opponents shots on a tennis court or a football pitch. Increasing your chances of winning. Examples of sports that need quick reactions times.

Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

We’ve all been there when a ball is heading straight for your face and you want to be able to catch it / block it. Hitting artificial targets will help you teach your neurones to react with your hands towards a target. Here are a number of exercises that you can also do to improve your hand-eye coordination

Start improving your reflexes and hand-eye coordination today.


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