New Activity: Reaction Test


We have a brand new activity in Reflexes: Activities at Home that will help you improve your reactions.

Our new activity is a benchmark test that will allow you to see if your are getting faster overtime, as well as seeing which side you’re faster at reacting.

In the Reaction Test the targets will appear on the screen in fixed positions and will randomly turn on. This will allow the app to measure your speed to hitting the target.

The Reaction Test activity has a number of different settings:

  • Number of Targets: 2 | 4 | 6
  • Speed between Targets: 0 seconds | 1 second | 2 seconds
  • Activity Duration: 30 Seconds | 60 seconds | 120 seconds

With the Reaction Test we have also added in more stats that you can review and benchmark for future improvements.

Stats show for the Reaction Test:

  • All: Total Hits | Ave. Reaction Time |Fastest Reaction | Slowest Reaction
  • Left Side: Total Hits | Ave. Reaction Time |Fastest Reaction | Slowest Reaction
  • Right Side: Total Hits | Ave. Reaction Time |Fastest Reaction | Slowest Reaction

Have a go playing the Reaction Test activity and share your score with your friends and coaches and see if they can beat you.


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