Weekly Reflexes Challenge – #6


Challenge 6: Legs Only

This week we have the hardest challenge yet! You’ve been hitting targets with your hands, now its time to try with your feet! 

The Only Legs Challenge can be done in multiple ways, standing up and kicking or by being on your hands and feet like the image above.

Warning this will be a hard workout!

How to do The Only Legs Challenge:

  1. Place your device in front of you.
  2. Select the Single Target activity.
  3. Set the speed and time you’re comfortable with. 
  4. Ensure you fit your body in the box on the screen.
  5. Start kicking those targets
  6. Hit as many targets as fast as you can!

You can start with 30 seconds and Slow speed to warm up and then build up the time and the speed gradually gradually during the week.

Pro level: Get to 120 seconds with 0 misses.🥇

Share your progress with us on social media to get featured on our page, tag us @thereflexesapp and use #reflexeschallenge.


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